THE SECURITY manager at an Oxford leisure complex has defended himself after refusing to move his Bentley from a disabled bay.

Christian Benn, director of Ozone Security Service Ltd, is accused of using the bay at the leisure park next to the Kassam Stadium on several occasions, and denying the space to Adrian Todd, who suffers from a rare bone disorder.

And the security boss has been warned by the centre management there will be 'serious repercussions' if he does it again.

UPDATE: Bentley spotted on satellite images - More than a year ago 

Mr Todd, who says Blount's disease makes 'every step' painful, was forced to park further away when he visited the Ozone complex for his son's 16th birthday on October 25.

After taking photos of the car, Mr Todd approached staff and asked to speak to the security manager, but Mr Benn initially refused to move his car.

Mr Todd said: "He continued to berate me and said it was up to him how he used his car.

"He said he parked there so he could see his car on the camera."

Mr Todd, 50, has parked at the complex several times in 2018 and claims the Bentley was occupying a disabled space on each occasion.

This time, there were no disabled parking bays left and he requested the vehicle was moved, but Mr Benn 'berated' him and refused to park elsewhere.

After speaking to the complex's operations manager the Bentley was relocated, but Mr Benn has defended his use of the space.

Mr Todd says the ordeal had a lasting impact. He said: "Every step I take is painful.

"Like a lot of disabled people, I have to plan how much I walk every day quite carefully.

"If I know I have to move a little bit further one day it will disrupt the next.

"What that individual did by parking in that space was cause me actual pain and directly impact the rest of my week."

Security manager Mr Benn, 66, uses a walking stick due to a foot problem and has now applied for a Blue Badge himself.

Mr Todd grew up in Tiddington, near Thame, and now lives outside Oxfordshire, although he still has family in the county.

He has visited the Ozone complex 'four of five times' in 'at least six months' and said the vehicle was parked in one of the bays every time.

The Bentley was not displaying a Blue Badge, which is used by drivers who are disabled or have a health condition that affects their mobility.

The car's MOT also expired on September 13, according to records on, although Mr Benn said he is rectifying this immediately.

Mr Benn has been director of Ozone Security Services for 15 years and his remit includes the leisure complex and the car parks, but not the Kassam Stadium.

His tasks include ensuring all cars on the site are parked legally, but continued to deny he was in the wrong.

He said: "It wasn't even in a disabled bay - there's a gap marked in yellow and that's where I left my car.

"It's okay for anybody to park there as long as you don't block the entrance, but it wasn't marked disabled."

The Oxford resident added: "On that particular day I needed to park the car there.

"If I'd parked it at the stadium it would have been too far.

"I told him he can't order me to move it.

"It was raining and I have a walking stick."

The security manager also claimed Mr Todd said he had 'too much money, no brain' and was 'very rude', which Mr Todd denies.

Mr Benn moved the Bentley after speaking to the complex's operations manager, Michael Doyle, and said he has not parked in one of the bays since.

Mr Doyle insisted the complex was clamping down on irresponsible motorists and said his colleague would face the consequences if he parked there again.

He said: "We've been in consultation with parking company ParkingEye to help us with people that park in disabled bays and even persons that park their car in full awareness they're blocking another car in.

"As soon as I knew, I checked the cameras that the information was accurate and with immediate effect the vehicle was moved.

"There will be serious repercussions if the vehicle is parked there again.

"It's disappointing as he's doing a very good job keeping crime down."