Coming from a Jewish refugee family, Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story at the Oxford Playhouse peaked my interest. And it proved to be a genre-bending ride created by 2B Theatre Company that dazzled the senses.

It’s the story of two Jewish refugees Chaim (Dani Oore – clarinet) and Chaya (Mary Fay Coady – violin), their meeting and how they fall in love.

Fleeing persecution in Romania they cross the world to find safety. Arriving in Canada they try to survive their new strange land and build new lives.

It’s all narrated by The Wanderer, a Tom Waits-esque character played spectacularly by Ben Chaplan who conducts the show like a ring master of old, all set to Klezmer folk music fusion.

It is somewhat minimalist in its content, but this just adds to the flavour of the work – like a gig with a story behind it. It has us laughing out loud and, seconds later, close to tears.

We forget we are only watching three actor-musicians plus Jamie Kronick (percussion) and Graham Scott (keyboard and accordion). We feel totally immersed in the story as it unfolds from the shipping container which serves as its set.

There is a certain sense of urgency throughout the play which just adds to the flow, drawing us closer in. It keeps us on our toes. The fact that it is all inspired by true events and relates to the plight of modern refugees, even though the events were over a century ago, gives more food for thought.

The chemistry between Chaim and Chaya is portrayed convincingly by these two bright actors and they settle back with ease into their instruments as the ring master puts on a show – treating the stage as his playground, driving the story forward.

At times it risks becoming overwhelming but never does, being tempered by the subject matter and excellent performances.

Hannah Moscovitch, Ben Chaplin and Christian Barry have created a spectacularly inventive entertaining show. If my father were alive, I know it would ring true with his experiences.

This is a show I would love to see again. I’m sure there is more to pick up, and I also want to hear that wonderful music again.