THE dozens of injuries inflicted upon Christopher Lemonius, who was left for dead in a Blackbird Leys alleyway, have been detailed in court.

Home Office Pathologist Dr Alexander Kolar took to the witness box as the trial into the murder of the 27-year old at Jourdain Road continued today.

Jason Needham, 27, of Kingsland Court , Luton, denies one count of murder and of allegedly being part of a gang that hacked and beat Mr Lemonius to death on June 1 last year.

From the witness box at Oxford Crown Court Dr Kolar said that there had been numerous wounds inflicted on Mr Lemonius during the onslaught including ‘chopping wounds’ found on his body.

He also detailed injuries to the skull which he said would have ‘required a lot of force to cause’ as well as ‘tramline bruising’ found on Mr Lemonius’ body.

Earlier in the trial prosecutor Stuart Trimmer QC told jurors that the alleged victim had been hacked and beaten to death by a gang wielding machetes, golf clubs and chunks of wood.

He described the attack on Mr Lemonius as ‘savage’ and said that the spark which fuelled the violence could have been one of revenge.

While five men have already been convicted in relation to the incident, the court heard, Needham denies any involvement in the killing.

The trial, set to last until December, continues.