A ROAD sign which drivers say is creating a dangerous blind spot at a busy junction was installed incorrectly twice.

Motorists coming out of the new Costa Coffee Drive Thru at Seacourt Retail Park onto the A420 have hit out at the sign, saying it is not thought through and ‘only safe for a small sportscar’.

They say that the sign – alerting drivers of the next set of traffic lights – is way too low, and blocks vision of cars driving down the A420 at 60mph.

Michael Osborne, a driver from Cumnor, said: “Moving it basically could save somebody’s life.

“You can see under if you have a small sportscar.

“It’s absolute madness, it’s blocking viability – they’ll have to move it.

“It wasn’t thought through, will it take an accident?”

He added that the sign should really be moved to the right hand side, perhaps even further down the road.

Oxfordshire County Council, which looks after the roads in the county, said the developer which is currently redeveloping the retail park was to blame.

Spokesman Martin Crabtree told the Oxford Mail: “The original sign was mounted on the wrong post by the developers, which we pointed out.

“The developers have now mounted the sign on the right type of post, which is for illuminated signs, but in the wrong location and at the wrong height.

“We have contacted the developers and requested that they correct this error.”

The blunder comes after high street giant Marks and Spencer announced it had pulled plans to set up a new food hall at the retail park, throwing the future of the redevelopment into uncertainty.

The new food area was planned for the north western corner of the retail park, opposite the new Costa Coffee Drive-Thru and in the same plot as where Homebase was – before it too announced plans to leave the unit.

The blow also followed two chains bowing out of the area within the year, leaving increasingly visible gaps in the shopping scene.

In August, when the Oxford Mail reported on the future of the retail park, an M&S spokesperson said: “We’re committed to transforming M&S for our customers and making sure we have the right offer in the right locations.

“Last year we announced the reassessment and reduction of our Simply Food opening programme, as part of this we are no longer considering a store in Seacourt Tower Retail Park.”

Developer Morgan Williams was asked to comment but declined.

The site contractors at Seacourt, Faircloth Group, who are believed to have installed the sign, also failed to respond to a request for comment by the time the Mail went to press.