A BP garage that run out fuel now says it has petrol again after roadworkers helped with the deliveries.

The BP station in Headington ran dry this week because of ‘impossible’ roadworks preventing tankers getting in.

Three lorries had tried and failed to get onto the forecourt in Cherwell Drive, leaving the manager turning ‘loyal’ customers away and in the direction of the competition.

Dishanka Fernando, who is the leaseholder at the BP petrol station said: “We have fuel again, we got a delivery on Tuesday night.

“Workers doing the roadworks helped get the delivery lorries in.

“It is just getting busy again.”

Diggers, workmen and red cones are lining the stretch of Cherwell Drive in the latest and last phase of the Access to Headington Scheme.

The project, a revamp to the road system in the Headington Area, restarted in May and is expected to continue through until next March. However, roadworks outside the BP garage ‘should be finished in a couple of weeks’, the council said.

Mr Fernando explained to the Oxford Mail earlier this week that he had run out of petrol after three different tanker drivers attempted to squeeze the lorries through the tight gap left at the entrance of the garage, but refused – deeming it unsafe to manoeuvre.

Other shops on Cherwell Drive also said there were ‘upset and struggling’ .