THE county council has been urged to clear up the 'confusion' among residents about what should and shouldn't be recycled.

It comes after a 'deep dive' investigation into faltering recycling rates found that Oxfordshire residents were unclear about what can be recycled.

The investigation also found that each district council having a slightly different waste collection policy added to the confusion.

Oxfordshire County Council's performance scrutiny committee has called on the council to create a strategy to 'effectively communicate' with residents and manufacturers.

It also called for the council to work with manufacturers and retailers on packing policies to make sure all household items are recyclable.

It could also re-establish the Oxfordshire Waste Partnership, which took on communications and education work before it was disbanded in 2014 as part of budget savings.

But the possibility of people being charged based on the weight of their rubbish, mentioned in the 'deep dive', has not been considered further.

The investigation, led by Liberal Democrat councillor Liz Leffman, found that around 48% of waste in people’s general rubbish bin could be recycled by kerbside services.

It added that most of that was food waste and that if all of it was recycled it would save the council around £3m each year.

The council's cabinet will consider the recommendations when it meets next Tuesday and decide which it will take on.