CHANGES to a ‘dangerous’ four-way junction in Oxford could be further delayed after council officers asked for more time to consider design improvements.

Oxfordshire County Council reviewed the George Street, Hythe Bridge Street and Worcester Street junction this year after admitting its previous redesign had been unpopular with pedestrians and cyclists and caused delays.


Transport bosses then recommended the junction reverted to two separate routes, so it was split across the middle – with traffic either going between Hythe Bridge Street and Worcester Street north or George Street and Worcester Street south – as it was before 2014.


The new traffic flow system was set to be approved today by the council, but officers have now asked for more time to consider the physical design and layout of junction taking account of emerging 'Botley Road corridor' proposals.


They said the delay was not a concern as its performance in terms of safety had been ‘acceptable’ since a traffic island was introduced in October.

The island was introduced to protect cyclists travelling from Hythe Bridge Street north onto George Street.

City councillor Susanna Pressel said: “I am extremely disappointed on behalf of the pedestrians and cyclists who are forced to use this dangerous junction to hear that we will have to wait even longer for it to made safe and efficient.

"If we have to wait for officers to take into account the emerging proposals for Botley Road and for the city centre, it could be many months before we see the improvements we have been campaigning years for."