ONE of the men accused of killing Christopher Lemonius wanted to ‘punish’ one of his comrades on the night of the killing, a court heard.

As the murder trial at Oxford Crown Court continued today, prosecutor Stuart Trimmer QC quizzed Otman Lamzini’s account of the night of June 1 from the witness box.

He put to Lamzini that he had wanted to ‘punish’ one of Mr Lemonius’s group after an apparent violent incident two weeks earlier involving the opposing group and his brother - Yasine Lamzini.

He answered: “I didn’t want to punish anyone that had done anything. This happened two weeks ago, if I wanted to plan revenge I had a whole two weeks.

“I know where they live I know where they hang around. I had two weeks but that was not on my agenda.”

Mr Trimmer also asked about numerous phone calls made between the accused men in the immediate aftermath to Lamzini’s phone.

Explaining some of the phone calls Lamzini repeatedly told jurors he ‘could not remember’ what was discussed, but said that some would have been nothing more than ‘general conversation’.

Six Oxford men all deny murder and the trial continues.