A FORMER police officer has been barred from rejoining the force following inappropriate contact with a vulnerable victim of domestic abuse.

Andrew Green first met the woman at St Aldate's Police Station in Oxford when she reported emotional abuse at the hands of an ex-partner.

The former constable continued to contact her, first via email then text, in a manner he conceded amounted to gross misconduct.

At a hearing at Thames Valley Police's Kidlington HQ yesterday, Chief Constable Francis Habgood said Green would be barred from the police.

Green first met the woman, who was referred to as Miss A, on November 18, 2017, and recorded her reports of abuse.

He later emailed Miss A to provide her with a crime reference number. This email was followed by others in the following days and weeks, generally relating to the case.

Then Green asked Miss A for her mobile number and, upon receipt, proceeded to make frequent contact by text.

His contact strayed away from the case and he sent messages deemed to be flirty and suggestive. These included Green telling Miss A he was cold and asking for suggestions on warming up, and asking Miss A what her favourite room of the house was.

Mr Habgood said yesterday that Green's behaviour had fallen below the standards of professional behaviour and said it amounted to gross misconduct.

He said Green's actions came less than a month after the force issued a 'very clear message' about abuse of position.

Green had resigned from the force prior to the meeting.