A CAR was seen to ‘chase’ a man into an alley where Christopher Lemonius was attacked by a gang of men and allegedly beaten to death, a court heard.

As the trial into the killing of the 27-year old continued at Oxford Crown Court today jurors heard from an anonymous eyewitness referred to as 'Nathalie Smith'.

Answering questions from prosecutor Stuart Trimmer QC she said that from her ‘elevated’ vantage point she saw two groups massed at Cuddesdon Way near to the alleyway entrance off Jourdain Road.

She said that she heard ‘arguing’ and she could see ‘about 13’ people on one side of the road and four on the other.

As she looked on, the court heard, one man appearing to hold a machete approached another – described as holding a JD Sports bag, and he ‘jumped back.’

It was then, she said, that a dark blue coloured vehicle appeared and drove towards the men aparently arguing with each other.

She said: “By this time [they] stopped arguing and by that time the car came up on to the kerb and chased the [JD Sports] man with the car into the alleyway.

“He had his hands up in the air as if to say ‘it is not me’ or ‘I surrender'. He went into the alleyway, the car pushed him into the alley.”

She went on to say that ‘he had no other way to go because there were other people surrounding the car’ and added that the group were moving ‘like ants’ towards the alleyway.

During cross-examination, defence barristers questioned the witness's recollection of events on June 1 last year.

Michael Borrelli QC put to her that she had in fact suffered ‘a panic attack’ in the minutes before witnessing the incident.

She accepted she had and told the court she had been watching ‘a documentary about serial killers’ at the time.

Six Oxford men deny murder and the trial continues.