A MAN has been jailed for sharing sex videos online in what has been described as an act of 'revenge porn'.

Damien Everton, 32, of no fixed address hounded a Cowley woman for months including sending her threatening messages with pictures of knives and rocks.

His actions broke an existing restraining order and a suspended sentence and he is now serving 13 months in prison.

The court heard how on March 14, Everton bragged about explicit images and videos which the woman thought had been deleted.

He tagged friends and family in the highly offensive post to ensure they could see it.

A friend got in touch to check whether he was bragging or actually possessed footage and was sent a nine second clip of the couple having sex.

In an attempt to end the harassment, the woman said she had a new boyfriend but this led to a number of offensive and increasingly violent messages.

On March 25 Everton threatened to throw a brick through the window of her Cowley home which was followed by an image of him holding a kitchen knife.

A knife was left outside her rear gate before more messages were sent later that month saying 'this time something is going through your window' accompanied by a picture of a rock.

Prosecution barrister Matthew Walsh said the messages were followed by Everton going to the woman's house and shouting through her letterbox.

When he was arrested in April, he told police he still loved her.

Showing no emotion as he appeared via video link in Oxford Crown Court on Tuesday, the heavily tattooed Everton was told by judge Ian Pringle QC he had been a 'real menace' to the woman.

In mitigation, defence barrister James Riley said the clip had only been sent to one person and not shared publicly online.

He said there was no question Everton had caused distress but it has been a 'call my bluff' situation that was done on the 'spur of the moment'.

Mr Riley told the court the relationship had been toxic and Everton had been drinking heavily at the time and lost his temper and did 'silly things.'

Everton was charged with one count of disclosing private sexual photographs, three counts of sending a letter or article conveying threat and one count of breaching a restraining order.

The Government brought in new legislation in 2015 to deal with the growing problem of 'revenge porn'.

Judge Pringle sentenced Everton to ten months for the new offences and three months for breaching a suspended sentence and imposed an indefinite restraining order.