OXFORD'S two MPs voted against the government on a key piece of Brexit legislation last night. 

Labour's Anneliese Dodds and the Liberal Democrats' Layla Moran both voted to accept an amendment from the House of Lords which would have allowed MPs a 'meaningful vote' on the final Brexit deal. 

There were nervous scenes in the Commons yesterday, with rumours that the government could lose the vote, which would have been a big blow to the prime minister's authority. 

In the end, Dodds and Moran were on the losing side in a 326 - 298 vote. 

Oxford East MP Dodds said the result made a 'complete mockery of parliamentary democracy.'

In a video released on Twitter, she added that more time was needed to debate the issue, labelling the government 'disgraceful' for 'closing down debate'. 

MPs spent more than six hours debating amendment 19, which would also have a set a time limit on when the government had to agree a deal to withdraw from the EU. 

Moran, who represents Oxford West & Abingdon, has made no secret of her pro-European credentials and was on vocal form yesterday, saying she could "feel a certain cynicism creeping in that I haven’t felt before."

She also released a video on Twitter ahead of the vote explaining the days events and thanking constituents for their input.