A £3m exhibition could be created at an Oxford church to explain the city’s Christian story.

The project at St Aldate’s Church, called Christ in Oxford, has been the subject of a feasibility study.

Although nothing has yet been decided the scheme could ultimately lead to hi-tech displays being introduced to bring more people into the evangelical church.

And a cafe could be introduced at the Grade II listed building opposite Christ Church Cathedral, plus a redesigned frontage.

Rev Canon Charlie Cleverly, Rector of St Aldate’s, stressed that the project was in the early stages but added that he was keen to see it go ahead.

Speaking from New York, where he is fundraising for the scheme, he said: “I’m very optimistic about this - I believe in it.

“I spoke to directors of the Museum of the Bible in Washington and they said Oxford, as a key city of influence, would be a good place for this to happen.”

He added that Oxford’s rich Christian history was not as easy to access as it should be.

Rev Cleverly added: “If you want to know about the Christian history of Oxford you have to go looking for it.

“We want to open the doors of our building, which is empty on weekdays.

“We want this to be on a par with other sites in Oxford - St Aldate’s is opposite the most visited cathedral site in the country.”

According to Rev Cleverly, the proposal has received backing from the Bishop of Oxford, Rt Rev Steven Croft, and the Dean of Christ Church, the Very Rev Prof Martyn Percy.

After receiving positive feedback, staff at St Aldate’s commissioned the feasibility study, which resulted in proposals for the £3m exhibition, featuring images projected onto the walls of the church.

Rev Cleverly said he wanted to ensure the project did not detract from the church’s core ministries, reaching out to students and residents of all ages.

He envisaged the exhibition running fromTuesday to Saturday, attracting school pupils, students, residents and tourists.

Rev Cleverly added: “They will walk in and look at the story and hear it through headphones with the latest technology.

“As well as history there will be stories of modern-day encounters with Christ.”

One of the dramatic stories which could feature in the exhibition is that of the Oxford Martyrs.

The Bishops Latimer, Ridley and Cranmer were tried for heresy in 1555 and burnt at the stake for their religious beliefs.

Martyrs’ Memorial in St Giles provides a permanent reminder of their sacrifice.

Starting on Friday at St Aldate’s Church will be an exhibition by Art for Action for Refugee Week.

The launch event from 6pm will feature live music and poetry read by refugees including 13-year-old Syrian schoolgirl, Amineh Abou Kerech, winner of the Betjeman Poetry Prize last year,.

The exhibition runs until June 23 but will be closed on Sunday and Monday.

It will feature portraits by Rose Illingworth, founder of Art For Action, created while she ran refugee projects around the world.

Rev Cleverly said the exhibition would offer a ‘taster’ of what it was like to have displays inside the church.