A 190-HOME development with a GP surgery, community centre and 50 per cent affordable housing in Wolvercote could finally get under way later this year.

Final proposals for the new community at the Wolvercote Paper Mill site have been lodged with Oxford City Council 13 years after it was first earmarked for housing.

It will have 95 affordable homes - both social rented housing and intermediate housing - with 50 of those one or two bed apartments.

The entrance to the development would be in between The White Hart and Jacob’s Inn pubs.

City councillor for the area, Angie Goff, said it was vital that promises over a new GP surgery and affordable housing were kept.

She said: “I’m very clear that the 50 per cent affordable housing promise is stuck to - and there’s no clear definition of affordable either which is a concern.

“But it’s positive that something is at last moving forward - it has taken so long.

A new health centre has been included in the village square at the heart of the new development but the site owner Cala Homes has two years to transfer its proposal parcel of land to a GP partnership or local health authority.

Ms Goff, who is also vice-chair of Wolvercote Neighbourhood Forum, said: “There’s some confusion around the health centre - there was a suggestion that it would be a satellite for Summertown health centre but that it set for a new home in Diamond Place.

“I don’t know whether the funding and resources will be available for both and we need a health centre.

“The population in the village is increasing and will grow further with this development and also the Northern Gateway plan.”

A community initiative to preserve the heritage of the old mill could also be launched through an appeal for any memorabilia.

It could then be displayed in the new settlement’s two-storey community centre.

Outline plans for the development were approved in December 2015 but the project then stalled while Oxford University looked for a buyer.

Cala Homes purchased the site and has made it clear in its plans that the affordable homes promise will be kept.

When the plans were initially revealed to residents earlier this year, Wolvercote Neighbourhood Forum, Christopher Hardman said they were well received.

He said: “Most people agree it’s a brownfield site and it needs to be developed and I think were reasonably satisfied with what they saw.

“There’s a community building included in the plans and they are open to discussion about what that might be used for.”

“But there are questions about the impact of traffic that will be generated - with 190 homes how many cars will be coming and going from the site.”

The latest application did not make any changes to the original permission around access, which includes the construction of a new mini-roundabout at the junction of Godstow Road with Mill Road.

Cala Homes said there would be a ‘clear network’ of streets and paths for cyclists and pedestrians.

A decision could be reached in August.