A ‘SAVAGE’ attack on a man killed at a Blackbird Leys alleyway was so severe that he was found riddled with more than 80 wounds across his body and a finger completely severed, a court heard today.

As the trial into the murder of 27-year old Christopher Lemonius continued at Oxford Crown Court jurors heard the full extent of his injuries from forensic pathologist at the Home Office Alexander Kolar.

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Chris Lemonius

Dr Kolar detailed the dozens of wounds found all over Mr Lemonius’s body after a post mortem which was carried out the day after the death on June 2 last year.

Taking to the witness box as the trial continued, Dr Kolar told jurors that the more than 80 separate injuries included ‘chopping wounds’, consistent with the use of a heavy bladed weapon such as a machete.

He also said that ‘tramline bruising’ had been found on his body, indicated a ‘strike with a rod or cylindrical shaped object’. The attack had been so severe, the court heard, that the middle finger on his right hand had been completely severed and was later found by investigators in the garden.

Dr Kolar said: “The right index, middle and ring finger are injured and there was a large wound running across them.

“[There was] complete detachment at the end of the middle finger and this is a chopping injury.”

Speaking of other wounds found on his body he said that some injuries resembled ‘stab wounds’ and added: “[There were] multiple impacts, some penetrating through the skin seriously exposing and damaging muscle.”

Earlier in the trial jurors were told that five of the six men charged with murder – Yasine Lamzine, Rashaun Stoute, Connor Woodward, Carlos Spencer and Otman Lamzini, had wielded golf clubs, wooden poles and a machete, in the alleged onslaught near Jourdain Road, Blackbird Leys.

Meanwhile, the court also heard yesterday that in the days following the killing on June 1 a number of the men were soon arrested by police and gave differing accounts on what had happened.

Prosecuting, Stuart Trimmer QC, told the court that four of the men charged with murder were arrested by police days later and that Yousef Koudoua and Connor Woodward answered questions while Yasine Lamzini and Reshaun Stoute declined to comment.

Koudoua, who is not charged with the alleyway violence, but with attempting to ram Mr Lemonius and chasing him with an Audi A3, told police that on the night of the attack a group headed up by Mr Lemonius had been the aggressors.

He told police that he was ‘terrified’ of the unfolding violence but added that he was ‘friends’ with both of the two groups involved, the court heard.

Woodward told officers, the court heard, that he did see a group of men ‘surrounding’ a person on the floor and striking downward at Warburg Crescent and that he ran past them and screamed ‘police’ in an bid to stop them.

Otman Lamzini and Carlos Spencer were not arrested until October, the court heard, when the former declined to comment and the later claimed that he saw a group attacking a man but he wasn’t involved.

Mr Trimmer added: “The Crown say that all six of the defendants took part in the killing. They individually each intended to kill or seriously injure Christopher Lemonius that night.”

In the same trial Allal Lamzini and Yamina Lamzini each face one count of perverting the course of justice by ‘lying’ to police about the events of June 1.

Saffon Fakir and a 17-year-old boy from Oxford who cannot be named for legal reasons, are also both accused of one count of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and ‘covering up’ events.

All ten deny the charges and the trial continues.