THE cost of just a couple of coffees a month could help secure the future of Bicester’s under-threat foodbank.

For more than a decade the charity has been a vital crutch supporting people in crisis by providing food parcels across Bicester.

But as funds become more and more stretched, fears are creeping in over upcoming rental fees and the risk of closure before the end of the year.

Bicester Foodbank founder, Janey Ray, said: “When we first went in to this building [Market Square] we had quite a substantial bank account.

“But it is just getting more and more difficult to get fundraising in.”

Ms Ray said the foodbank will have on average about five or six people visit each day – totalling about 20 people a week – although last week saw 31 people visit.

She added: “It is getting busier with people coming in.

“We are about a month away from our year end and already close to having helped 2,500, which was our total last year.

“We will be well over that this year.”

Running costs for the long-standing town charity include a monthly £1,200 rent bill for its town centre location.

There are two-and-a-half years left to run on the rental contract.

This is alongside fees for water, electrics, any leaflets or promotions and fuel for the delivery van – which Ms Ray has admitted she often has to lend her own money to.

Now the foodbank, made up of about 20 volunteers, is calling on the community to help secure its future by setting up standing order donations.

Ms Ray said: “The main thing for us is getting people to donate regularly.

“It doesn’t matter how small the donation, it is more about knowing the rent is covered and removing that worry so we can get on with other fundraising and feeding people.

“We do already have some people signed up and I thank those that already do donate.”

The foodbank has worked out that if 150 people gave £5 a month – the equivalent of a couple of coffees – that would make up the shortfall in rent.

But Ms Ray has emphasised that any amount for a monthly donation would help, no matter how small.

She said: “It just means it is a regular donation and takes away that worry for us to let us get on and enjoy what we do.”

The Bicester Foodbank currently has funds to cover rent up until June and with incoming funds has said it could go on a little longer.

Ms Ray added: “It really came to a head last week when we were talking about the feasibility and how we don’t know how much longer we can go."

To donate see or call 01869 357 181.