A FUTURISTIC machine that detects house fires and deploys a mist to extinguish them has been installed in an Oxford home.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service has installed its first Ultraguard portable misting system to a home in Oxford.

The £2,000 system, which is used to protect vulnerable people, deploys a fine mist for 10 minutes after detecting a fire while automatically alerting the fire service.

It aims to prevent the fire spreading and smoke-related fire deaths and will be installed in the homes of smokers as well as vulnerable residents.

Because the system is portable, it can be taken away once a person stops smoking or changes address.

The fire service carries out 'safe and well' visits in homes across the county to protect members of the community.

These visits include the fitting of smoke alarms and providing advice to occupiers on fire, health and wellbeing to support the resilience of residents in the home.

The fire service says there are a range criteria considered when assessing a resident for a misting system and these revolve around the person’s ability to respond in the event of a fire. Considerations include mobility, age, mental health and lifestyle habits.

Anyone concerned about a resident or those interested in finding out more about the misting system can contact the service at fire.safeguarding@oxfordshire.gov.uk.