SAFE to say, a Roman coin from the reign of Emperor Constantine was just about the last thing we were expecting when we asked you send in pictures of mud, but it is absolutely perfect: a shining (after you've given it a quick polish) example of the treasures you can dig up in the dirt!

This particular treasure was dug up and photographed by Mandy Dickinson, who revealed that while not snapping she is a keen detectorist.

Karen Nixon also sent us a surprise gem in the shape of this orange tree.

She revealed that the tree, which she encountered in Majorca, released the most beautiful citrus scent in the early morning and as the sun was setting.

Martin Pritchard's pink wellies almost look like precious gemstones gleaming in the mud themselves, and the photo is certainly a gem.

From the rare and precious to the astonishing an unbelievable, Donna Cassettari revealed this week that she is a fearless adventurer – albeit in the New Forest.

She shared this brilliant photo of her 4X4 slowly sinking into the mud there on a holiday in November.

She did not reveal whether the car came home with them after the trip...

John Parsons also captured the spirit of adventure with his shot of three very muddy quadbikers in the wilds of North Devon.

Simon Jaggs is a strong contender for photo of the week this week, with this corking shot of his son Zak, looking both defeated and triumphant after a rugby match (with Bicester RUFC under-12s) which was so muddy it had to be abandoned before extra time.

The dazed expression on Zak's face is priceless.

For some slightly more tranquil (and homegrown) beauty, we have some shots of scenic muddy tracks around the county from Sarah Mason, Ian White and Shez Honour.

For next week's theme, what else could it be? Clean as a whistle!

Try to find subjects that are satisfyingly neat, tidy, shiny and new, and get an interesting photo out of it if you can!

Just a reminder – when you're submitting your pictures please tell us where you took them and, if there are people in them, who they are!

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