THERE was a sense of things coming full circle after nearly half a century as a pair of Oxford musicians played their final gig together on New Year’s Eve.

The Scott Brothers – who are neither brothers nor named Scott – returned to the venue of one of their first shows for their last hurrah.

Mike Harris and Pete Myatt have played together for 46 years and took to the stage one final time at Marston Royal British Legion in Oxford on Sunday before heading off into retirement.

Mr Harris, 68, a former music agent, said: “There was something nice about it being one of the first places we played with our original band, State Affair.”

The pair met when Mr Harris was 22 and Mr Myatt just 19, performing with various local groups until achieving success in 1978 when playing in State Affair.

The six person-group – featuring sisters Maureen and Marilyn Stevens – appeared on TV talent programme Opportunity Knocks, which was hosted by Hughie Green.

The band, with Mr Harris singing and on guitar and Mr Myatt on bass, proved a hit with the audience and won the show in the studio, winning the right to come back the following week, when they came second.

Mr Harris, who lives in Greater Leys, said: “It was the X Factor of its time. The response was incredible and opened so many bigger venues to us.

“We were offered a record contract but various members didn’t want to leave their jobs.”

Eventually State Affair went their separate ways but Mr Myatt, 65, and Mr Harris, continued to enjoy singing and playing guitar together.

In 1984 they decided to form a duo called The Scott Brothers, after a stage name Mr Harris took while playing with another group, and successfully worked all over the country for almost three decades.

Asked about their style of music, Mr Harris said the pair have always ‘played the hits’ but while his friend’s taste was truly eclectic he had a particular fondness for country songs.

The father-of-three said: “I suppose as we’ve got older we’ve played less of the current stuff.

"Although we have got some Robbie Williams in our songbook and we adapt to our audience.”

Commenting on their longevity, Mr Harris said: “We actually used to do a tribute act to the Everly Brothers but then they split up and we’ve just kept on going through it all.”

He added: “I think it’s fair to say that we have served our apprenticeship and it has been a wonderful journey.

“I am so grateful that we were able to work successfully not only as a duo but as good friends.”