THE fleeting nature of memory, a deliberately eclectic showcase of diverse artists and an exploration of balance are just some of the visual treats on offer at The Jam Factory this January.

The Park End Street bar, restaurant and gallery is consistently packed with a revolving showcase of talented artists.

In the Restaurant Gallery, currently, there is a solo exhibition by London-based photographer Elena Cremona.

Her unique photographs are hand-printed in a colour darkroom and through them the viewer is invited to share in her vulnerabilities.

Titled ‘Uncertain States', the showcase contains a series of environmental and landscape documentary photography bringing the issues which surround Climate Change into focus.

The exhibition, which will be on show until Monday, also focuses on how emotions linked to her memory constantly fade, with each photograph being as unique as the memory that inspired it.

The 26-year-old said it is a reminder of how fragile the planet is, adding she hopes it produces "an appreciation to the core elements which make up our beautiful planet".

In the Boiler Room Gallery, meanwhile, there is a display of four artists under the title of 'Before and After Lines'.

Joanna Billingham's gothic watercolours, Matt Black's map based work, Julie Smith's intricate pieces and Rebecca Spicer's emotive landscapes all represent the artists' unique view of the world and explore balance.

Finally, in the Small and Large Gallery there is work from a collective of 12 talented UK based artists.

The Jam Factory welcomed applications from people of all backgrounds in this creative call out. There is no theme to the exhibition - it was left open to encourage a diverse response. ‘Milk and Marmalade’ centres on celebrating the eclectic mix of mediums on show and the individuals involved.

These will be on display until January 23

Visit The Jam Factory's website for more information about the artwork and upcoming shows.