EMERGENCY services have urged people throughout Oxfordshire to stay safe while celebrating New Year’s Eve. 

Whether setting off fireworks at midnight or spending the evening in pubs and clubs, police warned New Year’s Eve can be an enjoyable but hazardous time of year.

Police officers and paramedics will be on hand to help those who find themselves in trouble, but the services have also offered advice to the public to help them bring in the new year safely.

For those having a night on the town, Thames Valley Police have offered a few simple steps, including planning a route home, keeping your mobile phone fully charged and making sure somebody knows where you are and when you’ll be home. 

People are urged not to drink and drive and encouraged to agree on a designated driver, pre-book a taxi or find out public transport routes. 

For anyone who finds themselves injured or unwell in the city centre, the SOS Treatment Centre will be available in Cornmarket from 10pm today until 5am tomorrow.  

Run by SCAS, the pop-up treatment centre operates out of a tent attached to an ambulance and is used to help people out without sending them to A&E.