TODAY is the final chance for people to contribute to the vision of what Oxford could be like in 2050.

Robots working around our homes, driverless cars roaming the streets and gardens growing up the side of buildings are just some of the futuristic concepts that could become reality.

Oxford City Council has urged the public to help draw up a set of principles for the next 33 years and the consultations ends today.

Council leader Bob Price said it was a crucial time for the city’s history and called for last minute views.

He said: “Many cities face similar challenges, but I believe that we’ve reached a critical point in the history of our 1,000-year-old city.

“The scale and pace of technological change in the next decade or two will confront us with choices that are too big to be dealt with in the incremental ways that we have adopted in the past.”

Residents, major stakeholders, including tech firms, educational institutions and other businesses having been giving their insight into the project since it was launched in November.

All the opinions will be used to form a document due to be published in March.

A range of views on five different areas - work and learning, people and community, built and natural environment, transport, and culture and leisure - have already been voiced.

Oxford Civic Society chairman, Ian Green, said: “Improving the quality as well as increasing the quantity of residential developments is a key component of our vision.

“Better design will place more emphasis on place, community and context, encourage healthy lifestyles, and strong communities, and meet the needs of changing society.”

The city’s lib dem leader Andrew Gant said: “Transport in 2050 must involve more public provision, and lots of really good quality cycling and walking. The asthmatic wheeze of the internal combustion engine should be a distant memory.”

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