A CLUB which plans to show films aimed at the whole family and bring generations together has won a welcome boost, thanks to a cash award of £3,000.

East Oxford Community Association’s Over-50s club, which received the funding from Gannett Foundation, will use the money to buy a computer, video and audio equipment for members to watch movies or instructive videos.

It will also be used when the 30-strong membership want to listen to speakers and slide presentations.

The Cowley-based club was started two years ago and sessions are held on Mondays in the main lounge of the EOC Centre in Princes Street.

Activities include crocheting, knitting, sewing, arts and crafts and the club’s most highly skilled seamstress is 85-year-old co-founder Mrs Doreen Branney.

Members also meet to play board games listen to stories and take part in dancing, talks, discussions and presentations.

Past sessions have included a visit by an owl handler from Owl Rescue who brought five live birds to the club.

There are also frequent coach trips to places such as Bournemouth, often with three or four generations going along.

With an ageing population, East Oxford Community Association’s Over-50s Club is likely to become even more in demand, according to secretary Catherine Gundry.

Children are welcome at the club when they come with an adult and Ms Gundry said one of the best things about being able to buy equipment to show films will be that it brings generations together.

She said: “If you are a granny and have two or three grandchildren you want to take to the flicks, it costs a fortune.

“This means members will be able to choose a film.

“We know members already use the club to meet family and friends – for example, you might have a daughter turning up with the grandkids because it is easier to get to the community centre and meet mum there.

“Now this means they will be able to watch films together here.”

She added: “We are absolutely delighted to win the grant.

“It is marvellous because we can make that £3,000 do a huge amount of work and means we can really extend our family and educational activities.”