AS WE get ready to say goodbye to 2017, the Oxford Mail's Camera Club members have been busy looking back at the year and picking out their favourite photographs from the past 12 months.

From capturing the beauty of the Oxfordshire countryside to a puntastic Pumpkin there were no shortage of snaps put forward as many members struggled to narrow down their selection.

Becca Collacott chose seven favourites including Ben Adams' picture of his cat being mesmerised by Christmas lights and her own postcard perfect image of Abingdon in the snow.

Bryan Robertson's selection, meanwhile, singled out a regal looking Kingfisher captured by Ian Jones as well as an atmospheric windmill shot by Lesley Murray.

He also added his fortuitous snap of a A380 Airbus, saying: "It was on final approach to Heathrow in a crosswind so his nose and tailplane were pointing straight at me, less than a mile from landing. Shot in a million."

Chris Russell-Gray was full of praise for Anthony Morris' similarly aviation-themed shot of four Red Arrows and their colourful trails as he nominated it as his photograph of the year, explaining: "It's clear, defined, stands out and perfectly framed. Hats off to you."

Oxfordshire's wildlife took centre stage in many nominations, with Anthony Morris selecting Becca Collacott's stunning shot of a swan swimming in water lit with the warm glow of a setting sun as his favourite and Bryan Robertson blown away by the perfect timing of Ian Marriott's snap of a mallard about to touch down on water.

Now that we have celebrated the best of 2017 it is time to look ahead to new beginnings.

Next week's theme (and sentiment in general) is Happy New Year! Make sure cameras are at the ready to capture all the festivities as we head into 2018.

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