A COMMUNITY hopes it can resurrect its vital services when the bulldozers move in to start work on a shopping centre this summer.

Changes to the redevelopment of West Way Shopping Centre in Botley have caused residents to criticise the loss of independent traders after it was announced the centre will be demolished in one go.

Caroline Potter, co-chairwoman of West Way Community Concern, said the action group would be doing all it could to try and maintain a community space during the demolition.

Having met with developers Mace at a community meeting on Monday, Mrs Potter said there was a chance of a community cafe being set up.

She said: “I think the general mission feels like we need to do the best we can with what ever is left.

We need to do the best we can to maintain some kind of cohesive shopping centre and community hub.

"They are still not saying which of the current traders will remain in the four spare units when works start.

“But there were discussions about having one of the units as a community cafe, which would be really fantastic and we will do whatever we can to maintain a community space.”

Initially the redevelopment of the shopping centre was to be phased in to allow continuity of services in the centre.