SHOCKING footage has captured an Argos delivery van travelling along the A40 towards on-coming traffic yesterday.

Dash camera footage shows the moment drivers were faced with the van travelling on the wrong side of the road about 2pm near Headington.

The driver was heading along the inside lane towards the traffic flow between Thornhill Park and Ride and Wheatley.


Driver Andrew Long, from Headington, who captured the footage, said: "A lorry on the opposite carriageway was flashing his lights and frantically blasting his horn.

"On approaching the corner opposite the layby I was horrified to see the Argos delivery van approaching oncoming traffic in lane two."

Mr Long said luckily there was no traffic in front of him but about nine vehicles behind him which luckily slowed in time to avoid collision.


He added: "The delivery driver was totally unaware of the danger he had placed myself and others in.

"This was incredibly dangerous and could have easily caused a major crash resulting in a death. Luckily for the Argos delivery driver it was a Sunday and traffic was light and slow.

"Usually that road becomes quite busy with people going fast on a normal day.

"There have been too many deaths caused recently in Oxford concerning lorries and vans."

Mr Long said the driver came to a halt before turning round and heading back along the A40 in the right direction.

The incident has been reported to the police who are investigating and asked anyone with information to get in touch on 101

Argos spokeswoman Lauren Shepperson said: "We expect all of our drivers to drive safely at all times and strictly adhere to road safety laws. "We are investigating this case as a matter of urgency."