CAMPIGNERS want a £2m windfall from a major development to be spent on affordable housing in Botley.

The cash is coming from developer Mace after it secured planning permission for its West Way development, which will include 261 student flats, a 123-bed hotel, 140 residential flats and a new "community hub".

It won't include any affordable homes, however, as the firm agreed to instead contribute £2m for the homes to be built elsewhere in the Vale of White Horse district.

But district councillors Debby Hallett and Emily Smith are determined to make sure the money will only be spent in Botley.

They will propose a motion at the local authority's full council meeting tonight calling on Mace to spend the money locally.

Mrs Smith said: "It is so important that this money is ring-fenced for Botley.

"Soon we are going to be told the amount of affordable housing the city will need us to provide.

"Botley should be a prime location for affordable housing as it is so close to the city centre.

"You cannot just dump this huge development on residents' doorsteps and then not give them affordable housing."

Members of West Way Community Concern, a community group that has fought to get "the best deal" for the village, said they were looking into a possible legal challenge against the development.

Dr Mary Gill, co-chairwoman of the group, said: "We are speaking to lawyers at the moment to see where we could make a possible challenge on the development.

"It still is not the best or right deal for Botley.

"For a start we've got no affordable housing and then the money Mace will give for affordable housing could be spent in Abingdon or even Steventon.

"We will do everything we can to keep communications open with Mace to make sure we can make the best out of the situation."

Before the district council's planning committee gave the development the go-ahead in June, independent businesses in the shopping centre said they had been left in the dark over their futures.

Andrew Shea, who has run his dry cleaning businesses from Elms Court for 20 years, will be the first to be affected as his shop will be knocked down in the first phase of building.

He said: "Finally I've had contact with the developers.

"I've got a meeting with them on August 5 and I'm just going to wait and see what they can offer me.

"I hope I can get somewhere in the new retail space because I've been here for so long I don't want to leave and I shouldn't have to relocate and set up my business and clients all over again."

It is expected work will start on the development early next year.

The district council's meeting will start at 7pm at The Ridgeway in Wantage tonight.

Despite several attempts to contact Mace they have refused to comment.