A NEW platform has been launched to give Botley residents the chance to have their say on the West Way development.

Tying in with the start of the consultation on the latest plans, the blog will allow people to voice opinions and suggestions for the site.

Chris Church, who led the campaign to victory in 2014 when the original Doric plans for the site were thrown out, was the first to take the helm.

He said: “After we saw off Doric we spent quite a lot of time thinking about what we actually did want. We agreed a vision for Botley. So let’s make sure what Mace are delivering measures up against that vision.

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“I think at the moment there are some serious shortcomings.

“The important thing is people really have to look and see for themselves and make their voices heard about these plans.”

Mr Church’s blog post focuses on the vision for the centre, encouraging readers to think about what they really want for the area.

He said: “We are facing plans for a development that may last 50 years or more, only a mile-and-a-half from the centre of a major city that is by many standards thriving.

“We need to be clear that Mace understand this.

“We must push them and the Vale to deliver changes where necessary. They must deliver something that will meet needs now and in the future, rather than simply generate a high return for investors.

“Any new development also needs to meet the highest standards in environmental quality that are needed to help tackle a changing climate and which future generations will expect to be the norm. Our councillors and planning officers need to join us in demanding the very best for us, for Botley and for the future.”

West Way Community Concern will be holding a meeting on Monday for residents, to help answer any queries and go through the plans in detail.

Members of the group will also be on hand to help residents formulate responses to the application on the Vale website.

The meeting will start at 7.30pm at St Peter and St Paul Church, in West Way.

Eight residents have responded to the consultation so far, including Marcia Pillai-Johnson, of Cumnor Hill, who said the development would “alter the character of this community irretrievably”.

Robert Lewis, who lives in North Hinksey Lane, said improvements to the area were “long overdue”.

To view the application, search application number: P16/V0246/FUL on the Vale of White Horse district council’s website.

  • To read Mr Church’s post on the blog visit westwayconcern.wordpress.com/west-way-blog/