A HEALTH trust's bid to develop Warneford Meadow in Headington has taken a new turn.

Councillors at a meeting of Oxford City Council's north east area committee ignored the advice of planning officers and voted against the scheme to create a 'student village' on the 20-acre green site, next to the Warneford hospital.

More than 100 residents were at the meeting on Tuesday, which was also attended by councillors from Cowley and the East Oxford parliament.

But the vote is only advisory. The key decision on whether the scheme should be accepted in principle will be taken at next week's meeting of the city's strategic development committee.

Sietske Boeles, of the Friends of Warneford Meadow, said after the meeting: "Councillors listened to the residents and acknowledged the strong, unified local support to retain this well-loved meadow which has lain in the heart of the community for so many generations.

"But we are aware that the verdict is only advisory. It is still a cliff-hanger."

Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mental Health Trust wants to create accommodation for 685 students and housing for 324 key workers.