A PUG puppy was illegally brought into the UK and sold to a Witney family.

Zoldan Senkar, 43, from Tennyson Road, Aylesbury, tricked the family into buying the puppy for £500 online, trading standards officials said.

It was brought into the country illegally on August 24 last year, from Slovakia.

Senkar pleaded guilty and was fined £3,000 and ordered to pay £2,500 costs for causing or permitting a dog to enter the UK illegally at Oxford Magistrates’ Court on June 3.

Trading standards officials said he claimed the puppy had the legal documents and vaccinations.

When the new owners took the dog to the vet they found it had not been micro-chipped or vaccinated against rabies.

Oxfordshire County Council’s Trading Standards Team quarantined the puppy on September 7 last year. It has since been rehomed.