Sir - Councillor Seale writes (Letters, April 27) about the 'marvellous opportunity' which plans for the Central Library offer the people of Oxfordshire and promises consultation in due course.

But earlier reports in your newspaper have plainly suggested that many important decisions have already been taken; the chairman of the Oxfordshire Local History Association was quoted as expressing understandable concern about the plans themselves and about the lack of consultation with users.

In particular, your earlier report said that the county council had already decided against co-locating the Centre for Oxfordshire Studies with the Oxfordshire Record Office at Cowley. This seems like a missed opportunity. Merging those two services for local historians on the same site would seem to offer benefits all round: it would free more space in the Central Library for other, non-historian, users; from the customers' point of view, it would put in one place all the sources of every kind and the expert staff on whom local historians rely. There would surely also be some economies, for example in management costs.

C. Sladen, Woodstock