HE has his own You Tube channel dedicated to cars and has owned 14 motors in his nine years of driving.

But for petrolhead Josh Bridges, his BMW M140i is the current front runner.

"It's the last of a generation in terms of its format, a large 3.0 straight six engine up front, powering the rear wheels and housed in a compact body," he told the Daily Echo.

"It combines a large powerful engine in a rear wheel drive format that’s lively, and keeps you on the edge of your seat."

Josh, who custom wrapped the BMW in khaki for fun recently, has owned plenty of notable vehicles including the Honda Civic Type R, Astra VXR, Volkswagen Golf R, Toyota GT86, Corsa VXR and Focus ST.

He's also lucky enough to drive a lot of other motors that he doesn't own for his You Tube reviews, a petrolhead's dream.

But his dream car is the McLaren 720s.

"It's British built and puts the Italian and German counterparts to shame," Josh added. Plus it looks futuristic which appeals to me!"

Josh's next motor will almost certainly be another car from BMW's M division, either the M2 or the M4.

"The next logical step up for me is to a car that looks amazing on the road, and performs on the track," he said.

Josh's family are interested in cars too and he's a regular at car shows, particularly the TRAX events that are held at Donington and Silverstone and attract an eclectic mix of cars. He particularly enjoys walking around and spotting pretty much everything across the automotive spectrum, buying new parts for his car or even taking it on the track.

Asked what a car says about its driver, Josh added: "A car for me, is an extension of its owners personality, there’s nothing better than picking up the keys and going for a blast on the B-roads early on a Sunday morning."

Josh would consider going electric in future. when there are more mainstream electric cars to attract petrolheads.

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