Curtly Slatter won the under 17 boys' player-of-the-year award for the second year in a row at the Oxfordshire Cricket Board’s annual youth presentation night at Hawkwell House.

Slatter, who plays for Great & Little Tew, collected his award from Jack Brooks, the former Tiddington and Oxford seamer, who has recently signed for Yorkshire after a spell with Northants.

Oxon’s Under 17s had their most successful season since 2006, winning their age group by a massive 40 points.

Miles Hammond, who has recently been selected for the England Under 17 Development programme, landed the under 16 boys’ prize, while Alex Davies took the award for the under 15 boys.

Aadam Samiullah won the prize for the nder 14 boys, from retiring Oxon captain Ian Hawtin.

Jonty Robinson was under 13 player of the year, with Sam Powell winning the under 12 accolade.

Ollie Price (under 11) and Luke Maslen (under 10) were the other major winners.

The girls’ under 17 player of the year was captain Chloe Dowhunek, who received her prize from OCB director Margaret Stevens.

Stevens was an Olympic torch-bearer in the summer, and brought along the torch.

Pia Davies won the under 15 prize, Emily Ong the under 13 accolade, and Charlotte Hayes the under 11 award.

OTHER AWARDS Players’ players of the year – Under 17 boys: Joe Barrett. Under 16: Andrew Tolson. Under 15: James Fitzjohn: Under 14: George Jeacock. Under 13: Max Smith. Under 12: Charlie Miller. Under 11: Toby Parker. Under 10: Caspar Mason. Under 17 girls: Caitie Burton. Under 15 girls: Lucy Gladdy. Under 15 development: Eliza Goode. Under 13: Charlotte Boland. Under 13 development: Jacqui Mayho. Under 11 girls: Mara Smith.

BANBURY INDOOR LEAGUE RESULTS Division 3 Southam 87-6 (6.4 ovs), Deddington 65-6 (9.2 ovs, S Welch 34).

Wardington 99-6 (9.1 ovs, A Tucker 34), Hinton 100-3 (9.3 ovs, S Connor 29no, K Burden 27no).

Marston 123-5 (10 ovs, M Riddle 34, S Thornton 26), Great Tew A 125-3 (9.3 ovs, T Young 30no, A kelly 25no).

Castlethorpe 133-4 (10 ovs, N Bell 29no, Tahir Iqbal 27no), Preston Capes A 75-5)