CUMNOR captain Sam Jones faces an anxious wait after injuring his right knee in a charity match on Sunday.

Jones was playing for the Fire Service in a game at Eynsham, held in memory of firefighter Joe Wilkins, who lost his life in May.

Jones’s injury saw him taken to Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital where he will have a further scan on Friday.

Jones said: “I went for my trademark slog sweep. I hit the ball then there was an almighty crack followed by the most pain I’ve ever experienced.

“The ball still went for six on to the pavilion roof.

“The game was stopped while they had to wait for the paramedics.

“They know I’ve damaged cartilage, but don’t know the full extent of the injury until I’ve had an MRI scan on Friday.

“I’m praying it’s not the cruciate ligament as that could be a long lay-off.”

Jones added: “I’d like to thank Jeanette Miller, a trained nurse who was in the crowd, and Nicci Saunders, who helped me through a very painful 30 mins or so.”