TWO Oxfordshire teams who have played in finals at Lord’s will meet in a special celebration match at Tiddington tomorrow (2pm).

The game is between the Oxfordshire Over 50s team who beat Lancashire to win the national title in 2008, and the Tiddington side who lost in the National Village Championship in 1995.

The link between the sides is Adrian Manger, who played in both finals and dreamed up the idea to celebrate his 60th birthday.

“Instead of having a big party, I thought it would be fun to have this match, which should be a most enjoyable occasion,” said Manger, who was 60 on Monday.

Manger, himself, will be playing for the Over 50s, allowing Jeff Higgs, who missed the 1995 final with a broken finger, to play for Tiddington.

The one man missing from the game is former Oxfordshire captain Phil Garner, who died in 2009 at the age of 63.

“There will certainly be more than a tinge of sadness that Phil won’t be there,” said Manger.

Oxfordshire Over 50s: A Wingfield Digby (capt), N Phillips, I Caunce, P Tew, A Manger, M Evans, S Partington, R Willis, B Griffiths, T Spindler, S Kelly, C Ricks.

Tiddington: R Pykett (capt), P Manning, P Manger, J Higgs, R Anderson, P Clarke, P Green, J Hurley, N Edmondson, N Smith, S Robins. 12th man R McKinney.

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