JAMES Cathcart admitted it was a case of too little, too late for Oxfordshire as they were overpowered by Surrey.

Oxon’s assistant coach praised his players’ efforts, but rued their slow start.

“Surrey were a great side,” said Cathcart.

“They have been to the final for two years running and are all top level five players.

“We have had a really good campaign. It was just a shame we didn’t start the first half the way we started the second.

“You can’t give a team as good as that a lead like that.”

He added: “Our boys have put in a real effort for the three games and to get to the semi-finals is a real good learning curve. Hopefully, we will be a bit better next year.

“In the second half, it was just confidence really and believing that we could do it and build phases and keep the ball.

“We could defend against quality opposition, but gave ourselves too much to do in the first half.”