A DECISION on whether to allow electric “pedicabs” to trade in Oxford has been put off until the New Year.

Members of the city council’s general purposes licencing committee met on Wednesday to discuss a bid by Veloform UK to get its “CityCruiser” vehicles licenced in the city.

Councillors were told the electrically-assisted tricycles, proposed as tourist transportation, could not be classed as a private hire or hackney carriage vehicle under current criteria.

The council currently has a limit on the number of taxis or “hackney carriages” it can have, and all 107 licences are taken. The pedicabs don’t qualify for a private hire licence either, as they only have three wheels.

But councillors were told Government legislation on whether there should be a third category was due next year.

Councillors agreed to wait until then to avoid wasting time.

Committee chairman Colin Cook said: “I’m not particularly keen to see officers expending a fair amount of effort going down a route which may not even come to pass.”