Gun-collecting developer Martin Young said bureaucracy and a bid to sue police are his reasons for stepping aside in the race to be police and crime commissioner.

Mr Young had announced his intention to run in July, despite having a criminal record, but pulled out of the race on Tuesday.

He pleaded guilty to a public order offence in 2008 when, in a dispute over his Old High Street property, he told a council officer over the phone: “I am armed, blood will be spilt.”

He got a two-year conditional discharge and police seized his collection of more than 350 antique guns and took his firearms licence.

And he claimed his reason for taking his name off the ballot sheet was to do with a misunderstanding of the requirements of the job, and he is taking legal action against officers.

Mr Young said: “I went to a police briefing which was very informative and they were very kind to tell us all about the job and I hadn’t really appreciated the nature of the thing and it didn’t seem to be really me.

“The bureaucracy which seems to surround the whole organisation of the police seems to be more process over substance. The other reason is I am still involved in litigation against the police so I thought it would be inappropriate.”

Tomorrow is the deadline for nominations for the Thames Valley Police Crime Commissioner role, an £85,000-a-year job that will set the force budget and local policing plans.