AN independent candidate for the position of Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner has pulled out of the race.

Martin Young, a 67-year-old developer from Headington Hill, announced his intention to run for the post in July.

But tonight, three days before the deadline for nominations runs out, Mr Young told the Oxford Mail he was pulling out of the running.

It follows the withdrawal of Khan Juna - up until last week the chairman of the current governing authority of the force, the Thames Valley Police Authority - amidst national criticism the whole scheme is a shambles.

Mr Young said: "I went to a police briefing which was very informative and they were very kind to tell us all about the job and I hadn't really appreciated the nature of the thing and it didn't seem to be really me.

"The bureaucracy which seems to surround the whole organisation of the police seems to be more process over substance.

"The other reason is I am still involved in litigation against the police so I thought it would be inappropriate."