A SNAPSHOT of life in 2012 was buried at an Oxford school for future generations to enjoy.

Students at the Oxford Spires Academy in Glanville Road buried a time capsule under their new buildings on Friday.

It contained school ties, a computer hard drive with copies of the school’s website and photographs, including those taken during the visit of the Duchess of Cambridge earlier this year.

Principal Sue Croft said: “This is going to go right at the entrance of our new building and there will be a plaque letting people know it is there. Pupils from our school forum, our heads of science and business and other students decided what would go in.”

The capsule also contains a Diamond Jubilee mug, school memorabilia and a book about life in 2012, written by Year 9 students.

Head boy Thomas Davies, 17, said: “I think it’s a really good idea that in 100 years people will know what our school was like.”

Head girl Siobhan McCluskey, 18, said: “There have been quite a few meetings about this, making sure everyone had an input and every house had something in.”

The £8.2m “Reuben Business Centre” plans, with ICT suites, a laboratory, sixth-form centre and a 330-seat lecture theatre, were approved by Oxford City Council earlier this month.