TWO young boys are trying to come to terms with the fact they will never see their daddy again.

Seven-year-old Aaron Jay, known as AJ, and Cory, two, treasure the photos they have of their musician father Aaron Buron, who was stabbed to death by teenager Haydan O’Callaghan in March.

Knife crime was one of the subjects hip-hop musician Aaron spoke out against in his songs.

Now the boys’ mothers have warned others who carry knives to think twice before a “little minute of rage” ruins lives.

Cory’s mum, 25-year-old Sarah Craft, of Blackbird Leys, said: “Take a second – think: do you really want to take someone’s life?

“A life sentence is not going to be long enough. We are going to have a life sentence.

“The kids have to grow up without a dad. Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a daddy. Aaron was a daddy of the year.”

AJ’s mum Gemma Harris, 27, from Temple Cowley, added: “They think that they are hard if they have got a knife, but think where that little minute of rage is going.”

Aaron’s family finally got the verdict they had been praying for on Friday after a week-long trial at Oxford Crown Court. When the guilty verdict was delivered by the jury, Aaron’s tearful family and friends in the public gallery cheered, only to have O’Callaghan make an offensive gesture towards them.

Ms Craft said the gesture “made me more and more angry. He has already taken a life. I know he wasn’t sorry for what he did.

“He will never understand the amount of people he has hurt, will never understand what Aaron’s kids are going through.

“Their dad is not going to be there for all their first things, like their first girlfriends.

“Aaron was not there for Cory’s second birthday. Someone took that away and had no right to.”

Ms Harris said: “AJ points at photos of Aaron and says ‘I want my daddy back’. All the kids are doing it.

“It is horrible for the kids – Aaron’s life has been taken, but their life has been taken as well.”

During the trial, the jury heard that Aaron had helped O’Callaghan when he was sick and had also come to the aid of O’Callaghan’s girlfriend when she cut her foot on some glass.

Ms Harris said: “The thing that makes me sick is that he got a sick bowl for Haydan and a glass of water and he does that to him. He was helping out that night and look what happened to him. That was just his way, he was always caring like that. He just wanted to help people.”

Dad-of-two Aaron was just two days away from his 30th birthday when he was murdered. The trained chef and music lover was studying carpentry at Oxford & Cherwell Valley College in Blackbird Leys.

Ms Craft said: “Aaron was one in a million. He delivered Cory when I went into labour at home. He loved just being with his boys, taking them to the park, going out, playing football.”

Ms Craft added: “I am just glad they took O’Callaghan off the streets so no-one else can suffer. “Having to watch the kids grow up without Aaron is just hard.

“We want a little bit of justice. O’Callaghan doesn’t deserve to be breathing the same air as us.”

The family of Aaron Buron has set up a trust fund to support his two sons. To donate email