THE heartbroken family of murdered musician Aaron Buron say they have their own life sentence following the conviction of teenager Haydan O’Callaghan.

Family and friends cheered, wept and hugged after the jury at Oxford Crown Court yesterday found O’Callaghan guilty of the murder of Aaron.

O’Callaghan stabbed the 29-year-old father-of-two to death in St Martin’s Road, Rose Hill, on March 31, just months after being released from prison.

Outside court, Mr Buron’s mum Eden said: “Nothing will bring him back, but at least O’Callaghan will be away for a good few years.

“But we have got a life sentence.”

Of O’Callaghan, she added: “He has taken Aaron away from us. Myself as a mother. I am the one who brought Aaron into the world. Who gives him the right to take Aaron away from me?”

Aaron’s sister Jemma said: “A guilty verdict is all well and good, but he was found guilty before and before that – and he still got out.

“The system isn’t working. We still aren’t going to see Aaron.”

Aaron, a hip-hop artist who had sung against knife crime, was just two days away from his 30th birthday when he was murdered on March 31.

He was father to Aaron Jay, seven, and Corey, two.

His mother said: “Aaron Jay and Cory were very, very important to Aaron.

“He will always love them and the family will always make sure they are taken care of.

“We are a very close family.”

Brother Danny’s eight-month-old son had only just been born when Aaron was murdered. He said: “I had a lot more to learn from him and he had a lot more to give. He only held my son once.”

Former chef Aaron was studying carpentry at Oxford & Cherwell Valley College in Blackbird Leys.

Danny added: “Aaron was more of a father figure to me. He showed me what to do and what not to do. I got my discipline from my brother.

“I was a chef as well through Aaron teaching me.”

Mrs Buron added: “I am so proud of my son.”