TRADERS and residents said last night they were bracing themselves for the impact of controversial new parking restrictions to be put in place in a matter of days.

The controversial controlled parking zones (CPZs) for East Oxford were approved by Oxfordshire County Council earlier this year and residents across the area were intensely divided by the issue.

A CPZ is an area where the vast majority of spaces are for residents and their visitors, using permits they purchase from the council, with a small number of spaces for short-term parking.

Parking restrictions in East Oxford were originally proposed in 2007, but were delayed by cuts and consultations. In January three of them were eventually proposed – Divinity Road, Magdalen Road (North) and Magdalen Road (South).

Eventually plans for the CPZ in streets south of and including Magdalen Road were put on hold in March after uproar from residents. But the other two are now going ahead.

Consultations showed residents in the Divinity Road and Magdalen Road (North) areas were in favour of the parking restrictions but those living in the Magdalen Road (South) area objected.

From Monday, October 15, the CPZ will come into force in the Divinity Road area.

And from Monday, October 29, the CPZ in roads north of Magdalen Road will be enforced by traffic wardens.

Iffley Fields resident Amar Latif campaigned against the CPZs. He said: “The feeling is that we should be entitled to a scheme which works for local residents but the council is adamant in pushing through these CPZs.”

County council officers pressed for the third CPZ because they were concerned about the effects of cars displaced by the zones which are now due to be enforced.

Now county council officers will be carrying out surveys to find out how many long stay, non-resident cars are parked in the area and will be comparing these numbers with previous surveys.

When asked what amount of increased parking would have to be seen in the area in order for the county council to go ahead with the third CPZ, spokesman Owen Morton said: “Judgements will be made in due course based on events and evidence, including feedback from residents and businesses.”

Sam Diliberto, of Giovanni’s Barber Shop in Magdalen Road, was against the CPZ because he was worried his clients wouldn’t be able to park.

His business is in the Magdalen Road (South) area so no parking restrictions will be enforced yet.

He said: “I don’t think it is necessary in any shape or form. It will make things difficult for our clients and if they find it hard to park I am sure some of them will go elsewhere.”

The county council’s deputy leader Rodney Rose said: “I look forward to the parking zones helping to address the transport problems associated with new development and a much improved parking situation for residents.”

Permits cost £50 each a year and each property will be entitled to two. They will also get 50 one-day visitor permits, 25 of them free.

For details, call 0845 634 4466 or email