A MUSICIAN was stabbed to death when he tried to intervene in an argument between a teenager and his girlfriend, a jury heard yesterday.

Haydan O’Callaghan, right, stabbed Aaron Buron with a 5in kitchen knife in a street in Rose Hill, Oxford, the trial at Oxford Crown Court was told.

The 18-year-old, of Saunders Road, East Oxford, denies murder but has admitted manslaughter.

The pair were at a house in St Martin’s Road when O’Callaghan attacked his girlfriend Latasha Peck on March 31 this year.

The jury heard O’Callaghan grabbed Miss Peck’s head and pulled her towards him before Mr Buron, 29, and a group of teenage boys tried to separate them.

Ian Acheson, prosecuting, said O’Callaghan then stabbed Mr Buron with a 5in kitchen knife.

He said: “Mr O’Callaghan flew into a rage.

“He went to the kitchen for a knife.

“He went to stab Mr Buron, leaving the handle sticking out from his chest.

“In stabbing him in the way he did, he murdered him.”

He added O’Callaghan’s defence was that he did not mean to kill Mr Buron.

The court heard that O’Callaghan and Miss Peck arrived at the house of Mr Buron’s girlfriend Lisa Harris after drinking at the George pub in Littlemore.

Miss Harris told the jury she was interested in buying a Staffordshire-cross puppy from O’Callaghan.

Miss Harris described tension between O’Callaghan and Miss Peck while they were sat talking in her front room. After O’Callaghan vomited, Miss Harris called a taxi, she said.

She added when the taxi arrived, Miss Peck was in the toilet.

Miss Harris said: “She kept saying ‘don’t let him take me, I am not going with him’.

“He said he was going to beat the taxi driver up. He was getting really, really angry.”

She said O’Callaghan went into the bathroom, shut the door and she then heard screaming and breaking glass.

Miss Harris said when she opened the door, Miss Peck was curled up on the floor by the toilet.

She added O’Callaghan then grabbed Miss Peck by the head, pulling her into the lounge and on to the sofa.

The jury heard Mr Buron and four teenage boys who were also in the house attempted to drag O’Callaghan off his girlfriend. Mr Acheson said: “At that stage Mr O’Callaghan effectively flipped, leapt up, and everyone by him fled.

“Miss Harris went upstairs, the young boys and Mr Buron left the house. Mr O’Callaghan went to the kitchen. The prosecution case is that he went to arm himself with a knife from the draining board.”

Mr Acheson told the jury that Mr Buron was in the street holding a wooden stick and was backing away from O’Callaghan as he approached him and then stabbed him.

He said Mr Buron was seen falling to the floor with the handle of a knife in his chest.

The ambulance and police were called and O’Callaghan was found by officers at his home address in Saunders Road and arrested.

Mr Buron, who lived opposite his girlfriend in the same street, died at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital after being stabbed in the lower chest and torso, just two days before his 30th birthday.

Mr Acheson said: “Why would you stab in those areas if you did not intend really serious harm or death?”

O’Callaghan has also admitted assault causing actual bodily harm to Latasha Peck on the same date.

The trial continues.