CASH pest Stuart McGhie, who repeatedly drops bank notes for schoolgirls to pick up, has had more restrictions placed on him.

Thames Valley Police yesterday changed the terms of the 43-year-old’s Antisocial Behaviour Order (Asbo) at Oxford Magistrates’ Court.

McGhie has repeatedly been convicted of dropping cash on East Oxford streets to attract schoolgirls.

He has also left notes hanging out of his pockets to tempt them.

He was given a permanent Asbo in 2002 which prohibited him from “seeking contact or communication” with under-18s and “allowing banknotes to fall on surfaces”.

But the former Church Cowley Road resident is now serving a two-year prison sentence after in April he admitted breaching the Asbo.

After yesterday’s hearing he is now also forbidden to “place any sign or poster or graffiti” in any public place which encourages anyone to contact him.

He is also barred from asking anyone else to contact under-18s for him or to allow bank notes to fall to the ground for him.

And he is banned from owning a mobile phone or sim card unless through a phone contract.