A NEW dance, movement and performance class to aid agility in the over 50s has been launched at Pegasus Theatre in Oxford.

Set up by visiting artist Emma Webb of Anamorphic Theatre, the classes run on Wednesdays through September and October. Olive Higgins, 76 of Summertown, took part in the class for the first time this week.

She is pictured left with Pauline Massey, right, and Ms Webb.

She said: “I think if it takes off it will be great. Emma, the leader of the group has some good ideas.

“There are already classes for intellectuals and for those interested in keep fit and I was trying to find something that was a bit of a mixture.

“This is not just a dance class, it encapsulates a few things. It’s a combination of exercise and thinking and you are with like minded people.

“I hope more people come so that the group can flower.”

For more information or to make a booking call 01865 812150.