ANTISOCIAL behaviour in Oxford is falling, with new figures revealing that the number of incidents has dropped by almost a third.

There were 4,607 reported incidents between September 11, 2011, and September 10 this year, a 32 per cent fall on the same period in the previous 12 months.

The biggest falls were in Lye Valley, which dropped from 300 to 187, and the city centre, which saw a fall from 1,489 to 976.

The Oxford Mail revealed in June that the number of antisocial incidents has dropped city-wide by a third in the last five years.

Blackbird Leys Parish Council chairman Gordon Roper said: “It is good news for the estate and it is good news for the city. It is down to the residents who report the incidents and the community police officers who are out there patrolling and nipping it (antisocial behaviour) in the bud straight away.

“It is acting as a deterrent. Full marks to the Pcsos, police and the residents.”

In Blackbird Leys, the number dropped from 387 to 311.

Mr Roper added: “I think the residents are getting a little bit cheesed off with antisocial behaviour.

“They see action is being taken and they are more confident in reporting it.”

Ray James, of Rose Hill Residents’ Association, said: “I am pleased at the reduction.

“These figures cover the summer break from school, which makes it more pleasing because of the kids on the street.”

Canact, the Crime And Nuisance Action Team led by Oxford City Council , was formed in 2001 to address issues of antisocial behaviour within the community.

Richard Adams, city council community safety manager, said summer activities run in the school break for youngsters would have contributed to the reduction.

The only two areas to see an increase were Barton, from 223 to 226, and Littlemore, from 146 to 148.

Mr Adams said officersd have not identified a reason for the slight increases.

He said: “All the areas fluctuate.

“Barton is a relatively busy area for the size of it and I know we have some activity going on there.

“I cannot say why it was increasing and I am not aware of any particular trends in Littlemore.”

To report antisocial behaviour, contact the Canact team on 01865 252969.