CHARITY workers, clergymen and an MP asked residents to get on board with a campaign against tax-dodging yesterday.

The Christian Aid and Church Action on Poverty bus visited Bonn Square in Oxford as part of the 2012 Tax Justice Bus Tour, which aims to highlight the injustice of global tax dodging.

The bus was welcomed to the city by Oxford East MP Andrew Smith . Niall Cooper, of Church Action on Poverty, said: “At a time when spending cuts are having a devastating impact on the UK’s poorest people and communities, tax-dodging is morally unacceptable.

“It amounts to robbing the poor. If the Government just collected the £35bn of tax they know is going uncollected, they could invest properly in tackling UK poverty.”

Mr Cooper is pictured, far right, with from left, Savior Mwambasa, the director of Zambia’s centre for trade policy and development, Methodist minister the Rev Martin Wellings, the Rev Bob Wilkes, vicar of St Michael at the Northgate Church, the Rev Richard Frith, curate of St Mary Magdalen Church, Claire Fussell of the charity Christian Aid and Andrew Smith MP.