• Looking for work in: Catering or a role in a warehouse, such as a forklift truck driver
  • Experience: Previous experience as a kitchen assistant
  • Qualifications: Holds a forklift truck counterbalance licence

KEEN cook Peter Stopps learnt his skills in the kitchen as a youngster.

He began cooking dinner for his mother in his teens when she had broken her leg and his father suggested that he could put the skills he had learnt to good use in a catering job.

Now 23 and with kitchen experience behind him, he is determined to find a job in the industry.

Mr Stopps, who lives with his parents in Drayton, said: “I find working in the kitchen a particularly easy and relaxing job.

“I am most comfortable working in that environment. I have got a real passion for cooking.”

His last job was as a catering assistant at a pub and he was there for nearly a year and finished in 2011.

Mr Stopps said: “I am very good at working in a team and have very good listening and communication skills.

“And I am open to a challenge.”

The jobseeker is also open to jobs in a warehouse and he has a forklift truck counterbalance licence.

Mr Stopps said: “I was employed as a forklift truck driver about four years ago. You have to be focused and sharp as a driver.”

He added: “I would be ecstatic if I got a job and over the moon.”