AN OXFORD family feel they have been stung by the city council and a swarm of wasps.

When David Morgan reported a wasps nest in the loft of his two-bedroom Lenthall Road council house in Rose Hill, pest contollers told him there was none to be seen.

But days later they found their way into a bedroom and his five-week-old daughter was stung.

Mr Morgan, 27, said: “Eventually the wasps came through the ceiling in one of the bedrooms and we had a swarm of around 400.

“One of them stung our baby, Harmonie-Rose, and we had to take her to hospital. She got checked out and seemed to be fine.

“But now my partner and I are sleeping on the living- room floor with the five-week-old baby.

“We have got five children and we are down to one bedroom.”

The wasps nest first appeared over the summer and Mr Morgan called the council on August 20, but pest controllers found nothing.

After his daughter was stung Mr Morgan called the council again on August 28 and pest controllers removed the nest a couple of days later.

But they left a hole in the ceiling which Mr Morgan has had to patch up himself.

Mr Morgan said: “I am very disappointed with the council about this.

“We have been good tenants to them and we don’t cause problems.

“We pay our rent, but when things pop up the council doesn’t seem to be happy to dig into its pockets.

“This was an emergency situation.

“I tried to cover the hole in the ceiling using a bowl and Sellotape, however there are more and more holes appearing and Sellotape seems to be useless.

“All I wanted was to make the property safe for my family.”

City council spokesman Louisa Dean said: “On August 20 we received a call from Mr Morgan which said part of his ceiling was crumbling and there were wasps in the attic.

“We came out that day and investigated but found no signs of wasps or a wasps nest but there was a hole.

“Our pest control team received another call on August 28 saying they had a wasps nest and we went to the house two days later to kill it.

“We confirmed it was dead on September 3. We will return to remove the dead wasps nest when the ceiling will also be repaired.”

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